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“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori


Practical Life

Practical life creates the foundation for life long skills and habits. Utilizing points of interests and beauty, the activities are prepared to develop independence, concentration, focus and hand eye coordination within the child. Children naturally learn respect for themselves, their peers and their things. Practical life is made up of 4 main areas,

  • Care of Self (learning how to pour water, button, lace and zip)
  • Care of Environment, inside the school and outside (setting a table, sweeping, polishing, tidying & keeping order, caring for peers, gaining respect for mother nature through gardening)
  • Motor Skills development through specifically prepared activities
  • Social Grace & Courtesy (learning, manners, how to problem solve respectfully, communicate and take responsibility for one’s actions).  The area of practical life sets the child up for all other areas of the classroom, a child must first learn to concentrate before being expected to read, write or perform mathematical problems

“As soon as children find something that interests them they lose their instability and learn to concentrate”. – Maria Montessori  

Sensorial Education

Sensorial Education was designed to teach children about their environment, which surrounds them. As children develop between the ages of 3-7 they begin to recognize & develop their 5 senses: Taste, Sight, Sound, Smell & Touch, are all stimulated by carefully prepared activities designed to support each child in the enhancement of these senses.  

Observation & logical reasoning are a few of the outcomes, which get developed through Sensorial lessons. As children progress through the Sensorial lessons, they develop the ability to process information through all 5 senses. Our Sensorial activities are organized in such a way to help the mind focus on whichever purpose that activity is designed to serve, for example if the child is working with The Pink Tower, the direct aim will be focused on building a strong understanding of length, size, or shape, to support with the sense of Visual Perception. Children are allowed to explore, discriminate, refine and repeat dozens of Sensorial materials, which will support in their experiences of further concentration and the preparation of the mathematical mind.  

Montessori Language

Montessori Language offers an interesting, fun and extremely effective approach to learning how to read, write and acquire strong grammar skills.  Between the ages of 3-6 our curriculum focuses on building the strong foundation of phonetics, naturally leading children to assemble and blend letter sounds. It is important to us that each student is laying the foundation for building words and not just memorizing but utilizing all their senses to further their comprehension skills.  Our goal is to have every child be able to break down any word based on the fact that they understand the core principals of reading. Visit us today to learn more about how your child can acquire strong language skills through our Pink, Blue and Green Montessori series.

Montessori Mathematics 

Montessori Mathematics focuses on providing many opportunities for children to have hands on experiences with specially designed manipulators, designed to stimulate both concrete and abstract understanding. Through lots of movement and group work, children gain a love and ease for numbers while being taught to sequence and order their work. Beginning with numbers 1-10, 11-99, and 1-1000, children learn linear counting and recognition of numerals, which then leads into addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, the decimal system, number bonds and problem solving. As children move on through the program they begin working independently and further their abstract knowledge.

Culture & Science

Studying culture from multiple aspects allows the child to experience their place in the world and the universe. By exploring similarities between their culture and others, they gain an appreciation and respect for the differences we all share. An understanding of how all beings are fundamentally related assures them that they play an important role in this world.  

    • Nature Study – This includes the study of living, once living and non-living things. Children explore the outdoors, and create ties that instill the importance of caring for our environment.
    •  Botany and Zoology – Children begin to study plants and animals. They are taught how to classify impressions into clear and simple categories. Vocabulary is also developed as they learn the types and parts of different animals and plants. Hands on lessons are used to support thorough understanding.
    • Geography – Children are introduced to the various continents, countries, provinces, states, land and water forms, and the solar system. A sense of wonder and appreciation of our world’s physical environment is cultivated.
    • History – Through creative activities such as modeling & painting, we instill an understanding of the distinction between past and present and how past events have led to present situations.
    • Music and Movement – Through, dance, gymnastics the bells and other interactive lessons, children learn about rhythm, beats, choreography and basic music composition.

Bilingual Immersion Programme

We believe in the importance of providing French at an early age when the child’s natural developmental stage for language is at its strongest. More information coming soon!   

Little Organic Nutritionists

Health, Wellness and Nutrition is a large part of our program! One of the ways we instill a love of health is through our Gardening program. From planting flowers & veggies in the late spring to pumpkins and Squash mid summer, our students gain a love and appreciation for naturally grown foods and wholesome eating. During Harvest we love to pick the veggies we’ve been growing over the summer and enjoy a community feast, prepared by our students! Students are occasionally visited by guest instructor Mrs. Filomena, a close friend, well known community member, and recently retired owner/operator of Mayfield Garden Centre.

Our Little Leaders

Our Students pride themselves on being “leaders” and guiding their peers in the “right direction”. Utilizing empowering and motivating lessons, children learn the power they have within to stand up for each other in a cooperative and encouraging way.  

Kids Can Cook

Our cooking and baking program is designed to promote experimental eating amongst our children, by having them try new foods that they create. Cooking and baking also enhances their measurement & vocabulary skills, while instilling a love for healthy eating. Our students eat their greens!    


Once a week for a half hour, each student participates in a one on one lesson with Miss Domonique, our highly certified Piano teacher.   

Other Fun-Filled Activities:

  • Cultural & Birthday Celebrations
  • Field Trips
  • Outdoor Educational Play
  • Holiday Events and Year-End Concert
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